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What Is Rugby?


Rugby is game played by 15 men a side for 80 minutes and at the end of game New Zealand wins.


Here is run down on each of rugby position:


1. PROP. short slow fat man. Japan is many short slow fat man. Japan is prop.


2. HOKER. short man with strong and not so fat. Japan also is hooker.


3. PROP. the other fat man


4. LOCK. lock is very tall and strong. Japan is no tall strong man, just tall beanpole or tall gimp. Therefore gaiijin telephone call, please play for Japan, thank you, stand over there and push. Here's your cheque


5. LOCK. Also jump


6. BLIND SIDE FLANKER. it is strong athletic position and good tackle. Japan not many, all prop and halfback so call telephone to gaijin


7. OPEN SIDE FLANKER. Dear gaijin...


8. NUMBER EIGHT. it is poorly imagined name. No.8 is just "Number Eight"? Maybe rename "Trunk Flanker". Or "Rump Fulcrum". Or "Eighth Five Eighth". Or "Trump Keelhaul". Anyway, No8 is big strong athletic positon and Japan is no No.8 therefore telphphne ring-in gaijin to play No.8 for Japan, great game big gaijin, thanks, finished shower, here, let us take you to airport, no I insist, no more English talky just GET IN CAR CUNT


9. HALFBACK. Halfback is dwarf with pretty pass. Japan is many dwarves so halfback position is many. "I want to play halfback" say Japan rugby player. "Too fat, so sorry, join prop queue" say coach.


10. FIRST FIVE EIGHTH. it is good kicker and game reader. It is tactician. It is more gaijin Japan is no rugby at playtime in Japan school so no rugby instinct please to gaijin help Japan then fuck off to airport if you please


11. WING. before wing was small and skinny and most fast player. It is many Japanese. Now these day it is giant polynesian so wft


12. SECOND FIVE EIGTHT: it is failed 1st 5/8 with less skill kick and slower brain to read game


13. CENTRE: it is big fast boy with strong tackle. It is not so Japan


14. WING: it is biggest fastest and most free time to play around with hair and look at girls in stands


15. FULLBACK. it is stand way at back of field and fuck around waiting for ball then catch and kick away again



--Masahiro Sato (Rubgy)