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Group A:



Japan: Japan is hometown favourite and big crowd and everybody cheering for Japan. Japan is homogenous 99.8% pureblood Japanese in street of Japan and writing very difficult Japanese language therefore vast superiour intellect and No War lost in history of Japan history until slight hiccup in Burma and Manchuria and Big Boy A-Bomb slightly atomizing all nutsacks halfway back to Bronze Age in the 1945. Japan rugby team bring in big gaijin becaise Japanese not so big and gaijin is big thereofre ok to bring in to Japan team and after match thanks and escort gaijin to aurport and push onto plane, thank you for memory please get on plane gaijin is potential terrorist thank you just get on the fucking plane cunt



Ireland: Ireland is potential IRA terrorist and close monitor and surveliiance and possible detainment of player for questioning due to potential terrorist links. Ireland is green jersey and O'driscoll crying because All Blacks bully.


Scotland: Scotland is Braveheart and blue shirt and dogshit at rugby. Japan has chance for 1st ever RWC quarter final if defeat Scotlnd therefore need to import more big gaijin for Japan National Team and 2019 RWC Host. Maybe get big gaijin from Scotland. Maybe even during match. Maybe tell big Scotch gaijin to switch sides at halftime if Japan losing. Maybe Scotland dressing room haltime visit from Japanese yakuza with breifcase full of yen.

Romania: It is home of Dracula. It is alos that Rumania man is like Georgian man: that being, slight ape man. It is possible missing link and firther anthropological study required. Is Dracula missing link? It is question of racial vampire history

Tonga: it is placky island nation of natural talent leftovers not poached by other country. it is natural talent and fun to watch and placky loss and goodbye in 1st round of Japan Rugby World Cap.

--Masahiro Sato (IRB Voluntter Repesenattanive)