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Group C


England:  England is white shirt and beefy boy and warm lager and pink skin on every day featuring sunlight. England is Group of Death again like 2015 and 2015 Host and 1st round ignominious exit and laiughter and derrision of rugby world. England has new coach it is Fast Eddie the Australian and slick talker and snake oil sales man but eventual players get sick of his shit. England is enemy of rugby world and also enemy of Japan in WWII ps *spolier* Japan lost World War II by fulltime score of 0-1.

France: France is blue shirt and wartime resistance movement while Japan is mass suicide leaping from cliffs of Okinawa. France is Unpredict and sometimes chanpagne rugby but sometimes gallic shrug and total capitulation and 2nd half spent dreaming of champagne and garlic breath while run around doing garlic shrugging movement.


Argentina: Argentina is 1892 Falkland military action vs England and 1986 Maradona Hand of God vs England therfore enemy. Japan does not spread mid 1940's message of Greater East Asia Hope and Co-Porsperity and Harminious Cultural Understanding of Japan Culture Message all the way over to Argentina because litttle bit too far for Japan Kamikaze plane to fly and run out of petrol and fall into ocean halfway there.

USA: It is jingoism and overwrought bullshit and national flag barrage. It is singsong and have a cry and kill cameltoe jockey. It is rugby minnow sport in USA and possible last place in gruop. It is just one day of national military budget to instant turn team overnight into all-conquering rugby superpower


Samoa: Samoa is island pillage of talent and natural athlete move from jungle to civilisation. Japan had chance to colonise island in WWII as rugby feeder factory colony but silly pants USA Mcarthur come along and confiscate bayonet. 









--Masahiro Sato (Libra)