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Group D


Australia: Austrlailia rugby is like failed NZer but no haka and who dress in pansy yellow. It is still very adequate rugby performance and RWC 2015 runner-up and formidalble foe but not like NZ with total errorless face & nutsack domination and humiliating 106-3 scoreline


Wales:  Japan is popular whale hunt. It is for research porpoise I mean purpose and sushi with vinegar. Whale is fat and stupid therefore deth is ok. Wales is presume Princess of Wales hometown. Princess fairy tale with crown and tiara. Whales rugby is leek and red shirt and fat man having a cry


Georgia: In Japan it is coffee brand so there is confusion. Georgia man is like ape with knuckles and back hair. It is possible Cro-Magnon connection. It is possible useful for rugby to be missing link connection visa visa interplay between back and forward. Georgie is dark horse on rugby field and also perhaps Dark Horse in evolution of mankind.

Canada: Canada is nicey nicey land of America Jnr and Canada-sized inferiority comprex. It is tough rugby team who loose bravely

Fiji: Fiji rugby it is natural talent and financial poverty. It is polar opposite of Japan. Japan is financial effluent player who is little natual talent becuase never once play fuckaround rugby at little playtime in school days


--Masahiro Sato.