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Japan In Pictures
photo surfers.jpg
It is Mt Fuji. It is sumpol of Japan. It is aloso comically small wave and 8,000 surfer waiting for nothing.

--Masahiro Sato (JAPAN)

photo tea1.jpg
It is Japan tea time.
"Please. Do not look at my fucking tea."

--Masahiro Sato (Japan)

photo tok9.jpg
It is Japan Flower in Japan Flower Suicide Park. It is beautiful death. Goodbye world.

--Masahiro Sato (Hello Japan)

photo whale06.jpg
It is Japan food. You try.
Left-to-right, baked whale nits, exploded whale groin gristle and fermented dolphin placenta.

--Masahiro Sato (Japan)

photo hanami3.jpg
My house. It is Japan house. Tombstone
all ready in garden in front of house ready
for my death. Just fall in hole. Japan is organize.

--Masahiro Sato R.I.P. (JAPAN)














Japan is Politician. They is Upset today becuase one mInister pass bill making himself "Minsiter of Tranny Granny Pornography Forever."

"You can't fucking do that! We all want a turn at that fucken portfolio!"

--Masahiro Sato. (JAPAN)

photo tokyomet2.jpg
Japan Train Guide for Giant Gaijin Oaf. How to Ride Train. Welocme to Japan gaijin, oops, time to leave already, oh dear, leaving so soon? Please to get on train back to non-Japan country, just get on the fucking train cunt, no, not that fuckin train, this one fuckhead.

--Masahiro Sato (Japan)








More Japan politician. It is today wrong pants becuase other pants all in washing becuase yesterday was final day of Bukkake Summit.


--Masahiro Sato (Japan)










It is Japan Courtship Protocol. You gaijin follow Japan Courtship Protocol Rule when in Japan and talk to Japan woman.
Fig.1, inspect finger. Fig.2, slight finger pull. Fig.3 bend and break finger.
It is Iron Rule of Japan Man Samurai Way. Weloclome to Japan.

--Masahiro Sato (Japan)









Japan is practice War Game versus North korea with plastic orange tubing and shoot at random whale.

"Die, Moby Dickhead"

--Masahiro Sato (Japan)







photo hellothere.jpg

Japan is friendly nation of peace and calm scene.

--Masahiro Sato (Japan)

It is Japanese Mitsubishi Zero fighter plane en route to Argentina to spread kamikaze message of peace and goodwill. However Argentina very far from Japan and kamikaze run out of petrol halfway over ocean and plop into ocean

--Masahiro Sato (Japan is banzai)

Japan is more Cortship Protocol. It is 3-way Marriage Proposal & Cock Consultation Summit.
"Cock says.......... yes!"

--Masahiro Sato (I am Romanticist)








It is Japan Prime Minuister and address the Gaijins:
"and THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is the ancient Japanese cooking method we will use this afternoon to barbeque your penises over an open fire."


--Masahiro Sato (JAPAN)


That is all Japan in Pictures thank you and Welcoem to Japan gaijin Rugby Fan oops that is final whistle you are overstayer now please report to police constabel and ask police escort to airport thank you goodbye and get the fuck out