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Group B


New Zealand: NZ is hell on toast on rugby field, it is poor match-up for We Japanese. NZ is maniacal fever for rugby and hi-pressure from lorcal and occasional choke in 1999 & 2003. But Kelleher retire to Pitcairns now so NZ is last two RWC champion 2011 & 2015 is champion and very organise



South Africa: It is historical slightly failed social experiment of Aparthate. It had right idea but poor implementation. Japan could possible implement system with more organise harmonious success. It is shame that Chinamen in Japan are not black. For easy identification and possible detainment.



Italy: It is pasta and fine wine and women and Lamborghini and Gucci bag and nice hair. It is not rugby. It is NZ and SA quaify from this group 100% so it is Italy goodbye in 1st round and jet back to Milan Paris Fashion Week Show for metro sexual bag man

Namibia: It is unknow country. It is possible Big Game Reserve and lion hunt. It is rugby team of confused South African. It is NZ b team trainign run.


Uruguay: It is diveball hollywood tradtion my ankle my ankle penalty please oh god panelty thank you hahaha I am sudden miraculous recovery. It is unknown quantity on rugby field

--Masahiro Sato (JAPAN)